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This evening we continue to watch in amazement the very heavy lake effect snow band that is impacting portions of Western New York.  This band has essentially been around all day and has made for some extreme scenes.  Below are a few pictures from Live Storms Media stringers Aaron Rigsby and Greg Soliday from the south Buffalo area.



Greg will remain in the Hamburg area shooting film for the next several days as he is seemingly stuck in that region.  Aaron has departed and moved back toward Ohio, but not without getting into the thick of the snow event of his life.  70” totals are very uncommon over a multi-day period…in fact some locations don’t see 70 inches in a 5 year stretch.

Stay will Live Storms Media and we will continue to bring you up to date information as soon as our stringers report.

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Parts of New York state are dealing with a massive lake effect snow band that is taking towns by storm this morning.  Over 50 inches of snow has fallen in some location and the National Weather Service in Buffalo mentions the likelihood of 70 inches or more by the time all is said and done on Thursday evening. 

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As you can see above, LSM stringer Aaron Rigsby is right in the thick of it this morning in Lackawanna, New York where vehicles are stuck and emergency vehicles are having a hard time getting on the roads to assist.  Most roads in this area have now been shut down, but it’s a bit too late.  Aaron Rigsby’s LIVE Stream shows this scary situation evolving right in front of him….the same way the image below does.


Aaron is in the process of gathering footage of the madness from the main roadways at this time.  We expect to see more from him as the day goes on.  While we wait for that, we do have footage in from the newest member of the LSM family, Greg Soliday from his drive in through Hamburg, New York overnight.  Quite a dangerous trek.

More to come in the next few hours…

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Heavy snow continues to fall in portions of Oklahoma at this hour.  The roads are a complete nightmare and there are wrecks all over the area.  Several Live Storms Media stringers have sent in video of the accidents and heavy snowfall.  These will be available for our fans/viewers/clients within the next couple of hours. 


Snow continues to expand this evening across Indiana as well.  Most areas will see between 1-4” totals, but some local amounts of 3-6” are possible.  A very heavy band is noted just south of Lafayette, Indiana to Fort Wayne, Indiana….and this is one of the areas where the heavier totals are expected.

Video packages will come soon from our stringers.  Check us out on Twitter for the latest video as well @LiveStormsMedia

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Trevor captured this incredible footage of multiple wrecks on I-40 and US-267 near McLean, Texas this morning as snow was beginning to pick up and roads were icy with temperatures in the 20’s.  Heavier snow is starting to move into the area at this hour.

Photo by LSM's Trevor Leeper near McLean, Texas

Photo by LSM’s Trevor Leeper near McLean, Texas

Snow is falling this morning in Texas and Oklahoma.  It is causing major issues on the roadways given that this is the first measurable snow of the season.  Large amounts of footage are coming in here to the office and we will be posting an update containing that within the next few hours.  Already 2-3″ has fallen across portions of the Panhandle and Northern Oklahoma with the snow band this morning.  Snow is expected to continue throughout the day and is currently getting heavier in the Oklahoma City and Norman metro areas.

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Current Radar on 11/15/14 as of 1:35pm

Current Radar on 11/15/14 as of 1:35pm

Live Storms Media stringers are out in full force across portions of Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa covering the impacts of the snow falling in the region.  We already know of numerous accidents on the I-29 corridor near Brookings, South Dakota where we have a stringer filming currently.  Snowfall totals have generally ranged from the 1-4″ range with isolated reports of 6″.  More snow is expected throughout the afternoon.  Bigger impacts are possible further south as a system develops in the Gulf of Mexico later tonight and early Sunday morning.

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